Finch Creek (Eastside) Park
Noblesville, Indiana
2013 – present

The 200-acre park, located near 166th & Boden Road, is a new park for the City of Noblesville. Elements assisted the landscape architect (CONTEXT), who is also the project lead, in updating the Feasibility Study and is currently in the Schematic Design process.

Holliday Park Ruins
Indianapolis, Indiana

The Ruins at Holliday park were fenced off and in need of repair so as to allow the public to fully enjoy the site.  The late Eric Fulford of Ninebark, Inc. began the design for the project which includes a shimmer fountain and upgraded access & landscape.  Elements provided engineering design related to the stormwater and bioretention features and worked with Remenschneider Associates and Smock Fansler to complete the project.  Here’s more about the history of the site: History of the Ruins at Holliday Park