NorthWalk PUD Duplex Neighborhood
Westfield, Indiana
2013 – 2014

The project included 14 duplexes on 2.5 acres of land across from the high school in Westfield.  Several trees were saved on the site which had previously been a single family residence.  Several sustainable site design methods were utilized including: permeable pavement, underground detention (within the public right of way), native plants and increasing the density of an existing site within walking distance of the downtown core.


Overlook @ The Fairgrounds
Indianapolis, Indiana
2014 – 2015

The project involved the renovation of an existing two-story abandoned factory building and the surrounding 1.5-acre site, located at 1725 E. 38th Street.  The building is proposed to have a third story added and will be converted into apartments for the homeless.  Elements Engineering prepared the civil construction documents which included underground detention and permeable pavement.