Because We’re All Connected

We love our Tribe and want to share the great work they are doing.

Having a well-designed site isn’t enough. We need art and beauty – it’s not optional. We suffer if we don’t have some form of beauty in our daily lives. Art feeds the soul. Here are a few Indiana artists whose work we enjoy and celebrate:

Holly Bahr of the Rainbow Tree Shop

She takes nature photographs and edits them to create beautiful art matched with positive quotes.

Gillian Harris

Bloomington artist Gillian Harris – Check out her gallery of native plant, animal & insect art & note cards.

Jessica Springman Hancock

Indy-area artist Jessica Springman Hancock – The beautiful patterns she creates with pen and ink are incredible!

Noblesville artists

There are several local artists who capture the essence of nature and all we love about it. You may find them here:

Do you have a favorite artist that celebrates the natural world?

Please share them with us!