Elements Engineering

Because We’re All Connected

We Believe:

Nature isn’t something to be conquered. It’s something to be treasured.

(Otherwise, why do we see all the tree pictures, floral patterns and bird statues in our buildings?)

In our ever-developing world, we need to be reminded that we come from nature. It feeds us. Why not work with it to make a place where we can see actual trees, smell flowers and hear the songs of birds? We need the natural world to feel fully human.

Where you choose to spend your time matters.

The places we encounter change us.

They inform who we are and who we become. They inspire us, protect and comfort us. They are the places from which we emerge to show up as our unique selves.

We deserve a better built environment.


Successful projects come from the skillful collaboration of many beautiful minds – all working together for a common goal.

We don’t work in a vacuum. Nature abhors it and so do we!

Our Philosophy

Elements Engineering provides civil engineering consulting services with a focus on sustainable site development. We are collaborative, creative and concerned about the impact our designs have on the environment. Our mission is to leave a place better than we found it. Our hope is that in doing so, all forms of life may flourish.

‘Elements’ represents not only the materials of a site, but also the design process itself.

Who Are We?

Jennifer Roberts, PE, LEED AP BD+C

Engineer, consultant, creative collaborator

Elements is more than just a company name, it’s the essence of how founder Jennifer Roberts lives her life. Jennifer has studied many subjects that relate to the elements in order to cultivate a holistic approach to her designs – so that the project has a depth that is felt beyond the surface of the site.

“At work I’m most happy when I’m brainstorming and collaborating with the design team to find creative solutions to site-related design issues. The process is the project.”

Her goal is to create thriving places where people want to be.

Jennifer sits on the board of the Friends of Hamilton County Parks – an organization responsible for ensuring that the Hamilton County Park system has the funding it needs to provide access to nature – for all. Jennifer lives in Noblesville with her husband, Darren, dog and cat.

What We Do

We understand that the experience of a place is important, and as such, it is a primary consideration during our design process.

How the site impacts the visitor on a physical and emotional level is what sets one site apart from another. We strive to design sites that will have a positive impact on those who visit.

Experience is the difference. We use our experience to ensure that yours is a memorable one.

To achieve this, we use a variety of methods.Low impact development and sustainable site design is where we begin.

We build on that and go beyond to design places where people want to live, work and play.

How We Do It

We assemble design teams for each project we do.

Those teams vary depending on the project and the services required.We work with a variety of professionals that include: landscape architects, urban planners, architects, developers and other engineers.

From our experience, the synergy of a team makes the project. We are fortunate to work with a wonderful group of professionals who make the design process fun.

If you are looking for one of the above professions to join your project team, ask us, we’d love to refer you to one of our preferred teammates.

Why We Do It

A native of southern Indiana, Jennifer grew up surrounded by the Hoosier National Forest. She spent most of her childhood in or near the woods which helped develop her strong connection to nature.

A defining moment for her was when she was about 12 years old. It was then when the beautiful woods across the road from which she lived were logged and utterly destroyed in the process. This was her first encounter with the notion of environmental protection and it stirred a passion within her for protecting nature.

Since then, she has devoted her career to protecting natural areas and educates her clients on the benefits of designing with nature. An advocate for even the smallest of creatures, her friends and colleagues know that she will fiercely protect spiders and other insects should they appear on the conference table during a meeting.